About me

About me

Always something of a misfit during my school years, I embraced a journey of discovery aged around 18. Then, my interest was in science, particularly chemistry, with a special interest in indole alkaloids and their effects as neurotransmitters upon our consciousness and perception.

I intuitively knew somehow that chemistry was not the way, that the pharmacopia of western medicine lacked something vital, but could not explain why at the time.

After years trying different paths and techniques, including yoga, tantra, diet, crystals, homeopathy, shamanism and hermetics, I finally was introduced to alchemy and I felt I’d come home, full circle.

I see alchemy as a lifetime’s work, perhaps many lifetimes.

I am currently also a practitioner of Tibetan Pulsing, a very potent form of bodywork. I am also a Venus Sequence analyst, helping to guide guiding people through untangling blocks in their relationships.

In 2010 I met Balinese energy master Ratu Bagus, and this has led to a huge internal transformation which in turn flows on through my work.

I have relocated to Wiltshire, near Avebury, the epicentre of annual crop circle manifestations, but the work continues, with a new range being produced soon.

I invite you to share the results of my journey to date.

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