Venus Sequence

The Venus Sequence follows the 12 stages of a deep genetic programme that influences all areas of our life. The first five stages reflect the way we respond to our conditioning, and many people never move beyond the fifth stage, which effectively locks us into set, conditioned life patterns that keep our higher faculties closed down. Stage six is the great turning point for all human beings, because it occurs when we begin to take our first great leap towards accepting our wounds. The following six stages of the sequence show how the same patterns and archetypes that kept us asleep are actually the steps toward our higher or divine nature.

Most aspects of our lives that we take for granted, such as wealth and health, are actually deeply linked to ancestral themes that most of us are totally unaware of. As we release these ancient patterns we begin to see that every aspect of our lives – including emotional and relationship issues, and even our bank balance, are all deeply connected.

The Venus Sequence shows us how to integrate these patterns, by employing the simple strategies given with each stage. This in turn enables us to let go of those repeating patterns and then to embrace our lives with love and joy.

A personalised reading of your own unique sequence takes approximately one hour and can be done by phone. You will receive a recording on CD together with your chart. For an appointment contact me.