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Medicinal plants used

Each plant I have carefully chosen and harvested myself. All were growing wild in beautiful West Penwith where I have been living. Each magistry was commenced on the day of the week appropriate to its planetary ruler, together with other astrological and seasonal factors. They literally capture a moment in time, which together with the innate qualities of celestial being, give us access to a tangible and potent form of intelligent life, the sun itself, and allows us to enter a higher octave of being.

I hope these essences will enable one to literally walk and talk with the planetary intelligences, enabling a state of ‘gnosis’, personal communion, wihout need of any intercessor or expert.

Alchemy is very much about working with Nature, in accordance with Natural Law.

I have used only flowers and leaves from plants I found growing wild. The reason behind this is that where a plant grows naturally, all the nutrients it needs, the environment most suited, etc., are to be found. Gorse is resilient, and will grow all year along windswept cliff tops. You may be certain there is iron present in the soil. Venus is softer, preferring more secluded locations, away from the worst of the wind, on soil which contains appropriate quantities of copper. Cornwall has a long history of mining, tin, copper, gold, lead, iron, mercury and silver at various times, and is rich in all of these metals.